Environmental Consultancy Services

Fauna & Flora Project Management


Welcome to Vital Signs Environmental (also known as VS Enviro)! We have been providing an extensive selection of professional environmental consultancy and fauna management services across the residential, commercial, mining and infrastructure industries since 2004. We consistently deliver personalised, experienced and reliable services in a cost-effective way to meet the objectives of any environmental project. Our team can provide a whole-of-project environmental package, or specific services such as marine habitat assessment & survey, and marine/aquatic services including marine survey vessel hire to cover all of your terrestrial and aquatic needs. Service focused and budget conscious, we deliver experienced environmental -solutions to suit any project. We know the environment and we understand business - we always get the balance right!

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Environmental Consultancy

VS Enviro is a privately owned company which operates extensively across all regions of QLD and NSW, and wherever required throughout Australia. We  aim to consistently provide best practice on-ground services to ensure the client’s environmental compliance issues are managed to achieve optimum outcomes, which stay within budget.  We support both large and small scale projects, as well as individual clients for a one off service. 

VS Enviro operates in an individual or collaborative consultative capacity with our industry partners.  We  specialise in  aquatic and terrestrial habitat/fauna management, including pre clearing habitat assessments, FMP’s (Fauna Management Plans), SMP’s (Species Management Plans), clearing supervision and spotter catcher relocation works.  VS Enviro  can also provide environmental compliance services such as development of CEMP’s (Construction Environmental Management Plans), ASS (Acid Sulphate Soil)/Groundwater and dewatering investigations, water quality monitoring and the provision of short or long term environmental monitoring programs designed to meet on-site project requirements.

We are a complete package for all of your environmental needs, contact us to discuss your project’s individual requirements.